A very scenic route, where you can enjoy the lake Aspen.

Cycle from the start at Nysäters Cyklar through the fields and over the hill. If descending to the lake there is an old farm (homestead) remain hidden in the forest next to the road. This forest road brings you to the scenic lake of Aspen. This area lays between Nysäter and Långserud. There are several swimming places and a church to visit. The Långserud church is on the route and a picnic area is next to the river. The church is built of wood and is covered with wood tiles. It’s beautifully situated next to the river and fields.

Cycle further to the stylish Esters Café where you can have ice cream (it’s their specialty) and coffee or lunch. They also have a garden shop and a Swedish​​ ​​second​​ ​​hand shop (flea)​​ next door.

After the cafe you’ll take the road to Kålsäter. Halfway you pass a power station next to a bridge. This is a good place for fishing and relaxation before returning. ​​You can extend the tour to Gillberga church with the burial mounds. Ask us where you can find them if interested.

1- 2 hours
17 km
Route aspen
Aspen runda

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