An easier route which follows the Gillberga valley and then up to Borgvik where a lot to discover is.

Already in Nysäter there is the Viking Museum, the Hembygdsmuseum and the old market. Also 2 cafe are open during summertime and if you need something you can buy it at the local ICA store, Vikinghallen.

When arriving in Borgvik you’ll find the gallery Sliperiet which has 1500 m2 exhibition space for known and new artists. At the harbor and camping is a small cafe with a nice atmosphere and ice cream. A beach gives possibilities for a refreshing dip.

The Borgvik village is a old one and about every building there is a story to tell. Have a walk or ride through the village to see the old store Gammal brukshandel (still open to buy some nice local produced handwork and products), the open air iron casting factory is open to walk around in and located with a restaurant, conference and hotel. A museum about the iron industry in Sweden can you find next to the road at the beginning of the iron casting factory.

You will cycle on a part of on the Sverigeleden on your way back.

4 hours
45 km
Borgviks Hamncafe
Borgvik Hamn